Courtroom dresses as Disney princesses and prince for a 5-year-old’s adoption hearing surprise

August 13, 2018

Courtroom dresses as Disney princesses and prince for a 5-year-old’s adoption hearing surprise

When this princess-loving little girl entered the courtroom on her adoption day, she stepped into a “fairyland.” The seven princesses and the Prince Charming graced the hall with their magical presence to make the legal proceeding more royal—The Disneyland style!

Jim and Sarah Koning were at the Kent County’s 17th Circuit Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on June 8, 2016, for adopting Danielle Ross, then 5, and Neveah, then 17 months old.

The little Danielle wasn’t expecting Snow White to finalize her adoption procedure.

Judge Patricia Gardner, donning the famous Disney princess’s outfit under her robe, was ready to finalize the girl’s new family ties.

“Never; never have I seen so many princesses in the courtroom before,” Judge Gardner told WZZM. “It was child-centered to make a kid feel special, and at ease at what can be a difficult hearing.”

“It was a lot of fun,” Danielle told WZZM after the hearing. “I was happy to see all the princesses who came for me, and I really liked what they said to me.”

The little Danielle couldn’t believe her eyes when the princess and the prince walked into the courtroom to witness the big moment of her life.

The Disney-themed adoption hearing idea was the creation of Samaritas Foster Care Program’s case manager Kristina Grey, who worked with Danielle.

“I’m just blown away at the amount of support and how much all my co-workers jumped on board,” Grey told MLive. “It made this day special for these little girls.”

The Konings welcomed Danielle into their home in March 2014 as a foster child, and a year later they filed for adoption, but some other families filed in as well to adopt the child. The whole process was made possible only after a long, contested adoption.

“It was wonderful for Danielle. She loves princesses and it was just a great experience for her,” Jim said.

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