Mom cries upon seeing son’s ‘working hands,’ then he says something that dispels all her doubts

August 10, 2018

Mom cries upon seeing son’s ‘working hands,’ then he says something that dispels all her doubts

For this mom whose post has been shared almost 45,000 times, teaching her children to be good, hardworking, and trustworthy is a top priority. However, an uncomfortable incident involving her son occurred one day, which made her cry, but she was comforted when the answer came from her young teen’s own mouth.

Zeke is Cassandra Lane’s teenage son, and the time had come for him to have his senior photos taken by professional photographers.

Suddenly, Cassandra looked and saw that Zeke’s hands were rough and his short nails looked dirty.

She thought his hands looked like working hands.

“Hands that look familiarly like my dad’s work-stained hands and like Brandon’s in the early years of our marriage,” Cassandra said.

As it was too late to do anything about it, she brushed it off thinking the photos would be head and shoulder shots.

Upon arriving, Cassandra became aware of the how clean and perfect the other boys in Zeke’s class looked. With their Letterman jackets, class rings, and not a hair out of place, Cassandra started doubting herself.

Zeke worked 30–40 hours a week during the summer, Cassandra reminded herself.

Although Zeke never asked for a letterman jacket or a class ring, she began to feel that perhaps she had deprived him of material things and “began to tear up.”

Cassandra was so sad for her son and began feeling that she had not raised her son well. She started crying when she began comparing Zeke to the other boys.

A few days later, the dark cloud of depression was lifted by a ray of light.

“I apologized to Zeke and he laughed at me,” recalled Cassandra. “He said, ‘Why are you sorry? Because you’ve taught me to work hard for things I want? Because I know the value of a dollar? Because I’m not going to think that I deserve to have everything I want?’”

These were the words Cassandra longed to hear.

It reassured her that Zeke was a person of substance and that they had, as parents, done a good job.

She wrote on her Facebook page, “mama’s if you’re struggling with the parenting comparison game, just know that God gave you the babies you have because he wanted you, YOU, to be their mama. Not someone else.”

“I am beyond proud of Zeke, who has taken his brother shopping for a canoe today, using his money that he earned in a vehicle that he fixed with his own hands and gas he paid for by himself.”

“I’m not ready for Zeke to grow up, but I think he’s well on his way.”

Cassandra’s post impressed many a netizen, and garnered a ton of comments.

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